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AOG: +48 723 010 101
Line Maintenance services are carried out on the aircraft remaining in technical efficiency, operating environment and fit to fly. It includes: daily and weekly checks, unscheduled inspections, troubleshooting and repair of minor faults. In general, it consist of maintenance activities performed before flight to ensure that the aircraft is airworthy and fit for flight.
LINETECH provides the following services with regard to Line Maintenance:

Daily and Weekly checks

Routine checks

A – checks 

Preparing the aircraft for parking and take – off

All of the above involves services in line with the maintenance programme of our clients, checks of service fluids, testing operating systems, activities related to securing the aircraft to enable safe and secure parking.
Dealing with current defects of the aircraft
AOG service team
The team of engineers and mechanics available 24/7 for unplanned trips in support of customers to perform on-site maintenance of grounded aircraft
Flying Spanner
Presence of an on-board flight mechanic

Start-up and run-up of engines
Engines testing after inspections
Visual inspection test of profiles difficult to access or disassemble using specialized tool - boroscope. It enables monitoring of devices from different angles without disassembling of very complex devices.
NDT – Non Destructive Testing
This method enables detecting discontinuities in inspected material, connector, devise or its parts without changing its essential performance characteristics. This method allows monitoring of the product's life-cycle, eliminating faults and preventing defects. It guarantees an appropriate and adequate level of safety.
Engineering support
Professional and comprehensive support with regard to the aircraft maintenance