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AOG: +48 723 010 101
Base Maintenance This type of maintenance involves periodic aircraft inspections in accordance with maintenance programme of the aircraft producer performed in designated hangar maintenance base. The scope of this services also includes dealing with complex faults and defects, projects which go beyond line maintenance. LINTECH provides its base maintenance services at the  Maintenance Hangar located in Katowice Airport and Rzeszów-Jasionka Airport with maximum 10 slots for B737 or A320 aircraft.
LINETECH provides the following services with regard to Base Maintenance:

C-checks and D- checks
These structural checks are  performed in designated base maintenance hangars and include structural inspections, components replacements, systems testing and all current maintenance. They could also be  referred to as heavy maintenance checks.
Structural repairs
Body and paint repairs are made to the aircraft with visible damages to its structure e.g. external skin, bulkheads, etc.
Component repairs
Repairs or replacements of particular components of external structure of the aircraft

Dealing with current defects of the aircraft
NDT – Non Destructive Testing
This method enables detecting discontinuities in inspected material, connector, devise or its parts without changing its essential performance characteristics. This method allows monitoring of the product's life-cycle, eliminating faults and preventing defects. It guarantees an appropriate and adequate level of safety.

Start-up and run-up of engines
Engines testing after inspections
Engineering suport
Professional and comprehensive support with regard to the aircraft maintenance
Technical modifications
he latest construction solutions improving parameters of the aircraft in terms of its operational performance, range etc. One example of this solution is an installation of winglets that contribute to noise reduction and fuel consumption of the aircraft.

Precommissioning inspection of the aircraft
Performed on request of customers and include verifying technical condition of the aircraft, validation of repairs made.

Visual inspection test of profiles difficult to access or disassemble using specialized tool - boroscope. It enables monitoring of devices from different angles without disassembling of very complex devices.