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European commission pays visit to Linetech
European commission pays visit to LINETECH
Rzeszów, October 2017
Representatives of European Commision visited Linetech Aircraft Maintenance hangar at Rzeszów Airport to see how Podkarpackie region manages donations from EU.
Linetech is first and sole operator of the code D aircraft hangar at Rzeszów Airport. With modifications and changes in documents that come to certain EU departments, the company was able to convert line maintenance hangar to fully functional heavy maintenance base with the maximum capability of 6 slots for narrow-body aircraft.  The EU representatives were eager to see how money that comes from Brussels change business and help develop new market opportunities.
For Linetech it was especially important since company work to change the way maintenance is done with research in the development of NDT inspection robots, that will automatically do the tasks now operated by even a few workers. Resources for that project come from the European Union as well.
The commission was pleased with Linetech efforts and enjoyed to see the aircraft maintenance up close.