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LINETECH extends its presence in Katowice Airport
Linetech extends its presence in Katowice Airport
Katowice, December 2017
After 5 years of dynamic growth and leading MRO services in South-Eastern Europe, Linetech extends its lease of the technical base at Katowice-Pyrzowice Airport.
After hundreds of base maintenance checks and completing one of the most sophisticated modifications or repairs, Linetech will continue to work at Katowice Airport.
The Company won an auction for the lease of the building for years to come. Linetech is one of the key partners for the Airport Board, that helped to build the position as a reliable technical base, paired with an outstanding line maintenance.
"We are proud that Katowice airport become home for the first independent, privately-owned MRO in Poland." - said Piotr Kaczor, CEO of Linetech. "As EASA PART 147 holder we made an impact at many branches of regional economy - form helping to create over 2000 jobs in just 5 years to providing service that is attractive to new airlines that want to operate from Katowice." Given the recent acquisition of Linetech and Adria Tehnika to the new investor, the company will work towards new possibilities such as buildings, new airplane types serviced and increasing staff.