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Linetech buys Adria Tehnika in Slovenia
Warsaw, November 2015
A whole owner of Linetech bought Adria Tehnika that was privatized after the split off from Slovenian national carrier, Adria Airways.
LINETECH acquired 100% equity stake in the Slovenian company Adria Airways Tehnika (AAT). The company took over is one of the leading companies in the MRO industry in Central Europe – specializing in servicing of Airbus and Bombardier aircraft. LINETECH – carrying out the acquisition of AAT – completed the unique transaction where the Polish company acquires the international player from MRO market.
Adria Airways Tehnika since 60’s of the 20th century has developed a leading position in the sector of maintenance of passenger aircraft. The company has significantly diversified customer structure – AAT supports such key airlines as: Germanwings, AirBerlin, Swiss, SAS, Adria Airways and many others.
LINETECH – due to the wide offer – had so far greatest competence to servicing Boeing’s and Embraer’s planes. The company – as a result of the acquisition of AAT – extends the operating experience of the others most popular types of aircraft, such as Airbus and Bombardier.
“The acquisition of Adria Airways Tehnika is another step towards implementation of our international development strategy. Incorporating company in Slovenia strengthens our position and making Linetech Holding one of the leading MRO companies in Europe" – said Krzysztof Pietkun, the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of LINETECH.
“We are proud to announce our acquisition of AAT. Subsequently, we aim to grow and develop AAT by investing in people, new technologies, and equipment. Thanks to this merger our field of capabilities will become wider, enhancing support opportunities for the most popular aircraft types: Boeing, Airbus, Bombardier, Embraer, and ATR. Linetech intends to increase employment and expand training programs for new personnel. The group will have in total 6 heavy maintenance hangars which allows us to concurrently service 13 different aircraft of code C classification” – said Piotr Kaczor, CEO of LINETECH.