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New spine for a proven workhorse
LINETECH finished replacing keel beam on Boeing 737-500 operated by Russian airline UTair.
Linetech takes great pride in its main specialty - Boeing 737. Thanks to the great team of experienced mechanics and engineers, the company is able to perform even the most critical and complex modifications or repairs on both Boeing 737 Classic and New Generation series. One of the said repairs is the replacement of keel beam.
An airplane is basically a very long tube with the wings attached on both sides that combined are relatively the same length as the body. That causes stress forces that can easily damage the aircraft because of its own weight. Keel beam makes construction stiff - just like the spine in a human body. Its change requires special tools, lifting aircraft off the ground and isolating from external vibrations. Change of keel requires surgical precision and experience, however, Linetech does it in Katowice quite regularly.
UTair B737s can now continue its role as jetliner and United Nations Humanitarian Support